Lisa Przystup

Lisa Przystup is a freelance writer and the florist behind James’s Daughter Flowers.
It’s not the first time I tell you about my sensitivity for flowers (here and here).
That’s the kind of job I would love to do in a few years.
I don’t want to do the same thing all my life. I get bored quite quickly. And I’m not afraid of change.
I embrace change !
I love Lisa’s style, very simple and casual.
You will find some articles about her in blogs or websites (Into the Gloss, Jean STORIES, was a muse for Odette…) sharing beauty advices and talking about her career.
-I also discovered she was the model for Dealtry scarves, which I ♥-
I love the fact that she has different creative activities and that she’s a self-taught ‘artist’, she learned looking at florists’ works and reading books.
She also assisted some florists where she completed her training.
I invite you to go on her Instagram where she puts beautiful pictures of her creations.
A new to follow…

Lisa Przystup for Odette

Lisa Przystup for Odette

waiting+for+saturday+-+lisa+przystupLisa Przystup _1Lisa Przystup _2Lisa Przystup _3


Pictures from Waiting for Saturdays.


I had such a great trip in Amsterdam.
The weather was perfect and I really needed to breathe and see beautiful things.
I love Dutch people, they’re so helpful and kind, I love their style, always well dressed but with a cool touch (snickers, leather jacket or beautiful scarves).
I think next time I’ll go there, I will take some street style pictures !
The first evening, we came to De Kas which is a lovely place with wonderful surroundings.

De Kas Restaurant-Laetitia Loviconi.
We tried the best kefte sandwiches, Broodje Bert and one the best burgers in Amsterdam, The Butcher.

Amsterdam by day_Laetitia Loviconi
We walked from beautiful bridges to beautiful places, taking time for a coffee or a good carrot cake.
They have an amazing choice of organic food in their ‘Marqt’.
Next time, I will rent a boat if the weather is good !

Amsterdam-Laetitia Loviconi cool places
Also, we stopped to have a drink at Café de Jaren and we went to the Wicked Jazz Festival.
I really didn’t want to leave…

Amsterdam Wicked Jazz Festival

Amsterdam by night_Laetitia Loviconi


Lena Corwin’s Made by Hand

Made by Hand is a beautiful book from illustrator/graphic designer Lena Corwin.
She invited some friends/artists to take part in this DIY book.
You learn how to create tie-dye fabrics, accessories & decor items.
It has been published in 2013 and includes incredible collection of projects with a community of creators as Shabd Simon-Alexander, Jennifer Sarkilahti, Caitlin Mociun, Ilana Kohn…
I wish I have enough time to follow all the lessons, but my favorites are : screen-printing/ stamping techniques, embroidery and tie & dye techniques.

Lena Corwin_1Lena Corwin_3Lena Corwin_2Lena Corwin_4


Happy Monday everyone !
This week is a very sunny week in Paris, and I’ll go to Amsterdam on Thursday.
I cant’ wait, Amsterdam is so beautiful !
When the weather is that good, I love to wear white, blue, creme, beige, soft linen & cotton.
Here’s my inspiration today : designer Alice Waese‘s interview from Waiting for Saturday.





This movie is an adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s novel.
The movie was released in 2010, directed by Tran Anh Hung.
The story takes place in is set in Tokyo during the late 1960s.
Toru loves two young women : Naoko, who is unstable and Midori who is quite the opposite.
The photography, the set and the colors give the movie an impression of quiet, peaceful ambiance, even if what happen is not.
Tran worked directly with Murakami as he helped with the first draft of the screenplay.
A must-see.

Norwegian Wood movie_1Norwegian Wood movie_2Norwegian Wood movie_3Norwegian Wood movie_4Norwegian Wood movie_5Norwegian Wood movie_6Norwegian Wood movie_7.



There are some clothes I regret I didn’t bought.
I’m still thinking about these beautiful pieces, years after the collections !
Now, when I have an obsession, I don’t hesitate to buy it (in sale most of the time).
Iro ‘Bailey’ jumper, Vanessa Bruno body – Summer-Spring 2010, Liviana Conti ‘stole’ scarf, Caroline Issa for LK Bennett

GET_shredded knitVanessa Bruno Summer-Spring 2010 bodyLiviana Conti stoleCaroline Issa x LK Bennett


I ♥ Ashley & Mary-Kate’s style.
They are style icons and know how to wear casual clothes better than anyone.
Even when the clothes are simple, they always have a “plus” : a big scarf, black heels or nice flats (loafers, ballerinas or sandals).
I love the neutral palette of their colors.
All pics from Olsen Anonymous

ash_2Ash Olsen_18ash_6ash_18ash_21Ash Olsen_16