Mileece is an environmental designer and a sonic artist based in Los Angeles.
What does it mean ?
She transforms plant’s datas (“language”) in harmonic frequencies.
Helped by SuperCollider, which is a an environment and programming language, she records algorithmic compositions made by plants and synthesizes it in sounds.
Then, she arranges her recordings with her own compositions.
She designed whole installations to do performances, attaching electrodes to leafs and connecting them on her computer.
Her aim ? To enhance our relationship with nature.
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Photos by Laure Joliet for The New York Times


Chico Shigeta is 40 years-old and you won’t find any wrinkle on her face !
She looks fresh, happy and smiles a lot.
She’s the kind of people that seems to have found the perfect balance in her life.
She’s the founder of SHIGETA, a healthcare brand that I love (remember, I told you about it here & here).
Her holistic approach to beauty can seem evident but it’s very different when you apply her advises for real…


Her career…
The former masseur (she started as a child in Japan!) starts to make her own researches to improve quality of life in 2001. She completes her body knowledge’s with nature cure and aromathery learnings.
She’s also interested in conscious breathing and a healthy nutrition.
Step by step, she builds her universe and propose a solution to everyday little troubles : ‘Le Coaching Vitalité®’.
The ‘Coaching Vitalité’ is based on the interaction of four different techniques of well-being : the benefits of plants, massages (that you can do by yourself), a healthy diet, a good breathing.
Thanks to science, she has developed her own range of essential oils, body, haircare and skincare products.
Her products are organic, even if she works a lot on the 5% of sensory side :
Chico Shigeta : ‘The base of the ingredients that composes my products is natural. But the shape of these ingredients is complicated. Even if they are active at 95 %, I spend much more time on to enhance the aspect, the touch and the smell’.
P-I : Can you explain the concept ?
C.S. : Shigeta is not only a brand, it’s a philosophy. If you have the keys to happiness, you’ll be able to do the right things to feel better day after day. It’s all about positivity.
P-I : What’s your healthcare routine ?
C.S. : Fresh juice is the best resource for vitamins, so that’s how I start my day ! My favorite smoothie is made of pear, grapefruit & basil.
Morning run is fine once a week, I take dancing lessons and in addition, I do some yoga vinyasa flow. I practise ‘auto’-massages and in the evening, I like an herbal tea. Usually, I drink Relax to favor the relaxation and get ready for sleep.
P-I : What cosmetic brands do you like ?
C.S. : I like organic brands as RMS and Ilia. I also love Masaru mascaras, but you won’t find it outside of Japan. For my skincare routine, I have tried a lot of brands, but the reason why I’ve developed Shigeta is because I wasn’t really satisfied…


P-I : What would you advise for someone who has a stressful life ?
C.S. : First of all, you can do the Vitality check-up. It will help you to find which coaching is adapted to your needs. There’s the detox program, the relax program and one for blood flow. The goal for each of them is to recover a body and soul’s good functioning.
It’s also about forming good habits..
P-I : What’s your advise to live completely ?
C.S. : It’s good to be supported by friends, family. You have to think about what makes you happy and try to be surrounded by the bright side.
And you have to take time for you. With sensitivity and intuition, you’ll be able to reveal your own beauty.
I’ve tried the Coaching Detox during 3 weeks.
I don’t have a lot of time for sport, but I tried. Since I’ve started, I keep up, doing stretching every morning (only 10-15 minutes). I sometimes swim or run. I eat more fruits & vegetables, I avoid mass-produces products, I drink tea or herbals instead of coffee, and as I have breathing troubles, I take a few minutes at the end of the day to do auto-massages with Innocent Purify. When I take the subway, I also put 2-3 drops of Deep Breath on my neck. My habits have changed since then, I lost some extra-fat and have more positive energy.
I also put a few drops of the drinkable Rose Water in my bottle of water at work.
I’m now paying close attention to my mind and body.
.Thanks to Chico, Amélie & Elisabeth for their welcome anSHIGETA Cured kindness
I went out from the Showroom with good resolutions (even if I often succumb in front of chocolate!).
And I heard that Chico Shigeta will launch a special collaboration with a famous French girl…
I don’t know who but I’m impatient to know as the team seemed so happy about this collaboration !!!
Until then, if you’re interested in some products or if you want to get personalised advises, the team welcomes you from Tuesday to Friday 2:30-7:00 p.m. at the Shigeta Showroom, 116 rue du Bac 75007 Paris.

Thanks to Chico, Amélie and Elisabeth for their welcome and kindness.



Christophe Louie is the Pastry Chef Second at La Grande Epicerie.
We met a few month ago thanks to mutual friends.
When he told me that he was working at La Grande Epicerie, I had so many questions that he invited me to come here and introduced me to the Pastry Chef, Loïc Cabrero.

Loïc Cabrero started his career at fifteen years old, learning cooking.
At 18, he felt more attracted by baking.
He learned the job, working with Jean-Michel Tachon for a year.
He tries contests, breaks his ‘pièce en sucre‘ at the final, works at the Department of Defense’s cabinet, and finally meets Lionel Lallement who will be his second mentor.
Lionel Lallement was ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France‘ in 1989 (at only 24 years old) and he’s been the Pastry Chef at Saint-Clair Traiteur for about 20 years.
Loïc stayed at Saint-Clair Traiteur for 7 years and a half.
Then, he went to Le Mans to work with Jacques Bellanger, ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier’.
In 2007, he got a proposal from La Grande Epicerie to develop the caterer part.
He worked with Benoit Castel from 2007-2012.
When Benoit Castel left in 2012, Loïc passed tests and replaced him as the Pastry Chef.
L.C. : ‘These four persons were guides, advisors and role models for me. They mean a lot to me’.
Then he builds his own team.
L.C. : ‘I called David, who I knew from Saint-Clair. We work the same way. I decided to let him the lab organization. He’s also in charge of the caterer part.
Christophe was already here when I arrived and he had the experience of luxury hotels and shops. He does the tests and he’s the best at relaying knowledges’.
I thought we’d focus only on pastry, but Loïc loves working at La Grande Epicerie, so I followed him in the others labs as the bakery, the chocolate factory…
I wanted to discover the backstage area, that’s exactly what we did !
It’s such a labyrinth downstairs and everything goes fast !
L.C. : ‘We have 2 flour silos and 50 different kinds of bread. We have the less expensive Pain Poilâne in Paris ! We have a batch every 2 hours…
La Grande Epicerie is the only shop with its own products made on site’.
I’ve learnt that they do everything on site from take-away salads & pastries to restaurants dishes.
L.C. : ‘Our work is divided in four activities : 50% goes to the cake shop, 30% is for Caterer, 15% for the restaurants La Table & Le Balthazar and 15% is for take-away sales.
Our products are differents for each activity. At the cake shop, we imagine an original recipe every month.
We only work with seasonal fruits. Our chocolate comes from Pralus or Valrhona and for dairy products, we work with L’Or des Prés.
We have 4 different sorts of vanilla from Tahiti and Madagascar and we’ll soon revisit the coffee eclair with a fantastic coffee we found !’

P-I. : How do you get inspired ?
L.C. : I’m really open-minded. I like to travel, to discover new products. My wife is also a part of my inspiration, and my team of course. I can exchange ideas with David, Christophe, Valentin or Marine. It’s a teamwork, so we always try to reach agreements.


P-I. : And how is your team organized ?
L.C. : 24 persons are working here, we have 3 apprentices, more women than men, people from 18 years old to 52 and a lot of them are in career changes.


P-I. : What would you like people think about your creations ?
L.C. : “That’s soo good !” I try to enhance produces and I think the taste is what counts more.
P-I. : What’s your favorite ingredient ?
L.C. : Vanilla ! I also love jams. But sometimes a vanilla cream or a vanilla chantilly is just perfect!
P.I. : What’s the cake you admire the most ?
L.C. : I love Christophe Michalak‘s cakes. I admire the work of Patrick Roger (chocolate maker). And I like Claire Damon’s shop, Des Gâteaux et du Pain.

P.I. : What creation makes you feel proud ?
L.C. : I’m very proud of our Saint-Honoré. And our Pavlova. I also love our lemon meringue pie. I had the idea of a ‘dome’ when I was looking at the Red Square in Moscow 6 years ago.
And, every year, I’m really enthusiastic to create new Yule log.
P.I. : So, what we have to expect this year ?
L.C. : We work on Christmas creations 6 months before ! We’re lucky to work with Le Bon Marché marketing team. We think about the corporate visual identity together.
This year, we’ll come back to a traditional Christmas. Our creations will be red, black and gold. You will always find 3 flavors : crusty, creamy and a mousse with a special touch !
P-I. : What’s your challenges to come ?
L.C. : To be ranked in the 10 best bakeries in Paris !
I’m pretty sure you’ll reach that challenge Loïc !

Thank you very much for your welcome and your team’s. That was a magical moment (and thanks for the tastings!)


Last night when going from blogs to blogs (yes, it can be a trip!), I discovered Lifecycling.
Lifecycling is a japanese web magazine introducing people and their lifestyles.
I’ve never been yet to Japan, but I’ve always felt that if I go there, I’d be able to stay for a while…
People are so stylish and everything is so into details.
Hope you will love this overview.

Takahiro Koike, Nao OgawaTatsuro Sato
Takahiro Koike, Nao Ogawa kitchenTakahiro Koike, Nao Ogawa lightTatsuro Sato salonhome_tapis chaises



I ♥ this tea set by Finnish label Tonfisk.
I love all the colors, but my favorite goes to the white/ warm.
Wood combined with porcelain give an impression of ‘Nordic design meets Japanese style’.
I also ♥ the Free Time Industries tea set.
As I already have many utensils for tea, I would use them to serve soy sauce or maybe nibbles…

Tonfisk black

Tonfisk light

Tonfisk warm




It’s a Friday morning and I’m going next to Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche to meet Hugues Forget, the wine cellar Chef at La Grande Epicerie de Paris.
I love to go there, even if it’s just to buy little things as a truffle oil or good country ham.
You can find all that you need as that’s a delicatessen, but you will also find fresh fruits & vegetables, a butcher’s shop, a fish shop, a rotisserie, a bakery, a dairy shop…and a wine cellar of course !
I feel I’m about to hear some secrets in this temple of gastronomy…

Hugues Forget, Chef de Cave de La Grande Epicerie de Paris
We meet and go downstairs to have a coffee at Le Balthazar, the restaurant dedicated to world’s best wines and spirits.
I let almost all my questions aside, because Hugues talks and answers in advance to everything you would like to ask…

Le Balthazar
The first thing he told me was that he’s not doing a job. It’s just his life. Or if it had to be a job, his job would be to listen to others and meeting the makers.
He started his career in a hotel school in Paris.
Then, Philippe Faure-Brac -Best Sommelier of the world in 1992- taught him what he calls “an educated palate”.
H.F. : ‘I was kind of frustrated when I started to work in his restaurant because I used to see clients talking to sommeliers, much more than to waiters.
The menu principle was to serve 6 dishes with 6 differents glasses of wines.
We also used to change our 40 glasses of wines every month.
Some bottles couldn’t be served because of aromatic faults or a wine cork defect, so I started to taste these ones’.
He became the Sommelier Manager for 3 years and a half.
H.F. : ‘Then, I wanted some change. I worked as a Wine Cellar Chef in a shop for one year.
People came in to get some advices. A successful combination between dishes and wines can make a moment unforgettable’.
In 1999, La Grande Epicerie is looking for a Wine Cellar Chef.
He gets the job and started to work in the 160 sqm area devoted to wines.
H.F. : ’1999 was a good year for Bordeaux Wine Vintage. The year started with a hurricane, but then was followed by a warm spring. Thanks to vineyard techniques, the sales exploded’.
With his feelings, his approach to people and passion, he organizes the cellar management and buys wines to make them age.
H.F. : ‘Some Bourgogne we bought in 2002 are going to be sell just now.
Even if most of our customer base are neighboorhood clients looking for ready to drink wines, we keep a strong attachment to terroir and a large offer of vintage wines. You can find here wines you’ll never find anywhere else.
We also try to vary the offer with 5% of imported wines’.
He calls this place a magical place. Talks about the fact that the bakery is the biggest one in Paris.
H.F. : ‘They make everything on site and have talented chefs’.
I can see during our interview cooks in hurry, bringing food to the restaurant or upstairs -I feel like the rat in Ratatouille!-
Before the end, Hugues reminds me that a good wine is a balanced wine.
H.F. : ‘That’s not a price thing. You can find there good wines starting at 5€ (and up to 20 000€)’.
When I ask him what’s his favorite wine, he just says :
Choosing is refusing. There’s so many good wines and champagnes ! The most important thing is to share it with people you love.
Then, we visited the cellar, the caveau which shows the rare and best bottles.
There’s also a large selection of spirits.
H.F. : ‘There’s about 20-30 different Japanese Saké. And guess what ? Japanese whiskey are more sought after than Scottish ones’…
…what will bring us very soon to a special event Le Bon Marché & La Grande Epicerie will launch in honour of Japan !
Keep your eyes open !

La Cave de La Grande Epicerie de Paris copyright Virgile Guinard (1)

La Cave de Grande Epicerie de Paris copyright Virgile Guinard (3)

Le Caveau


I would like to thanks the whole team for making this interview possible and M. Hugues Forget for his time and kindness.



Have a lovely morning with that too cute cartoon !