♥ these music videos.
Kendra Morris Concrete Waves is so funny, and I like that Kiesza’s Hideaway is shot in one take (and happens in New York !).
Hideaway make me think of the 90′s Dance (remember Gala ? Ridiculous Freed from desire ?…)


Last night when going from blogs to blogs (yes, it can be a trip!), I discovered Lifecycling.
Lifecycling is a japanese web magazine introducing people and their lifestyles.
I’ve never been yet to Japan, but I’ve always felt that if I go there, I’d be able to stay for a while…
People are so stylish and everything is so into details.
Hope you will love this overview.

Takahiro Koike, Nao OgawaTatsuro Sato
Takahiro Koike, Nao Ogawa kitchenTakahiro Koike, Nao Ogawa lightTatsuro Sato salonhome_tapis chaises



I ♥ this tea set by Finnish label Tonfisk.
I love all the colors, but my favorite goes to the white/ warm.
Wood combined with porcelain give an impression of ‘Nordic design meets Japanese style’.
I also ♥ the Free Time Industries tea set.
As I already have many utensils for tea, I would use them to serve soy sauce or maybe nibbles…

Tonfisk black

Tonfisk light

Tonfisk warm




It’s a Friday morning and I’m going next to Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche to meet Hugues Forget, the wine cellar Chef at La Grande Epicerie de Paris.
I love to go there, even if it’s just to buy little things as a truffle oil or good country ham.
You can find all that you need as that’s a delicatessen, but you will also find fresh fruits & vegetables, a butcher’s shop, a fish shop, a rotisserie, a bakery, a dairy shop…and a wine cellar of course !
I feel I’m about to hear some secrets in this temple of gastronomy…

Hugues Forget, Chef de Cave de La Grande Epicerie de Paris
We meet and go downstairs to have a coffee at Le Balthazar, the restaurant dedicated to world’s best wines and spirits.
I let almost all my questions aside, because Hugues talks and answers in advance to everything you would like to ask…

Le Balthazar
The first thing he told me was that he’s not doing a job. It’s just his life. Or if it had to be a job, his job would be to listen to others and meeting the makers.
He started his career in a hotel school in Paris.
Then, Philippe Faure-Brac -Best Sommelier of the world in 1992- taught him what he calls “an educated palate”.
H.F. : ‘I was kind of frustrated when I started to work in his restaurant because I used to see clients talking to sommeliers, much more than to waiters.
The menu principle was to serve 6 dishes with 6 differents glasses of wines.
We also used to change our 40 glasses of wines every month.
Some bottles couldn’t be served because of aromatic faults or a wine cork defect, so I started to taste these ones’.
He became the Sommelier Manager for 3 years and a half.
H.F. : ‘Then, I wanted some change. I worked as a Wine Cellar Chef in a shop for one year.
People came in to get some advices. A successful combination between dishes and wines can make a moment unforgettable’.
In 1999, La Grande Epicerie is looking for a Wine Cellar Chef.
He gets the job and started to work in the 160 sqm area devoted to wines.
H.F. : ’1999 was a good year for Bordeaux Wine Vintage. The year started with a hurricane, but then was followed by a warm spring. Thanks to vineyard techniques, the sales exploded’.
With his feelings, his approach to people and passion, he organizes the cellar management and buys wines to make them age.
H.F. : ‘Some Bourgogne we bought in 2002 are going to be sell just now.
Even if most of our customer base are neighboorhood clients looking for ready to drink wines, we keep a strong attachment to terroir and a large offer of vintage wines. You can find here wines you’ll never find anywhere else.
We also try to vary the offer with 5% of imported wines’.
He calls this place a magical place. Talks about the fact that the bakery is the biggest one in Paris.
H.F. : ‘They make everything on site and have talented chefs’.
I can see during our interview cooks in hurry, bringing food to the restaurant or upstairs -I feel like the rat in Ratatouille!-
Before the end, Hugues reminds me that a good wine is a balanced wine.
H.F. : ‘That’s not a price thing. You can find there good wines starting at 5€ (and up to 20 000€)’.
When I ask him what’s his favorite wine, he just says :
Choosing is refusing. There’s so many good wines and champagnes ! The most important thing is to share it with people you love.
Then, we visited the cellar, the caveau which shows the rare and best bottles.
There’s also a large selection of spirits.
H.F. : ‘There’s about 20-30 different Japanese Saké. And guess what ? Japanese whiskey are more sought after than Scottish ones’…
…what will bring us very soon to a special event Le Bon Marché & La Grande Epicerie will launch in honour of Japan !
Keep your eyes open !

La Cave de La Grande Epicerie de Paris copyright Virgile Guinard (1)

La Cave de Grande Epicerie de Paris copyright Virgile Guinard (3)

Le Caveau


I would like to thanks the whole team for making this interview possible and M. Hugues Forget for his time and kindness.



Have a lovely morning with that too cute cartoon !


As you may have noticed, I’m really inspired by art prints.
My first year learning carpentry gave me a huge desire to do more manual things .
I realized that I totally got the wrong studies !!! But it’s never too late so I think I’ll take other evening courses.
Now, wherever I go, I analyse the architecture, the materials, the structures.
I want to draw, to sculpt, to create concepts. I hope I’ll catch my dream !
That personal introduction was to tell you about a girl I ♥♥♥.
Her name is Jill Bliss.
She’s a young artist/ photographer/ writer/ designer/ naturalist (!) specialized in Salish Sea (Pacific NW Islands).
She does magnificient drawings and paintings and she has commercialized stationeries, notebooks & notecards with her drawings.
It’s really poetic and it makes me dream about doing the workshops & retreats with her.
I love to watch new pictures everyday on her Instagram account of what inspire her.
And I love that you can do the parallel between what she sees and her work.
Jill…hope to see you on the 2015 retreat !

Jill BlissJill Bliss_3

Jill Bliss_1

Jill Bliss_2


Lately, I discovered Claire Nereim wonderful work.
She’s an artist based in L.A. and she’s exploring connections between art and design.
She’s best know for her fuits and vegetables ink calendars.
There are also some flowers versions -my favorites-, but they were not available anymore…
I love the simplicity of her drawing style. I love that there’s no month written, only numbers.
I couldn’t resist to buy one for home, and I long to purchasenew ones.
.Claire Nereim_2

Claire Nereim_3Claire Nereim_1Claire Nereim_0