Summer Readings

Some magazines I bought for this summer picnics and quiet moments in the grass.

Intramuros Le Corbusier Laetitia Loviconi


After two years of night and weekend courses, I passed my exams and I will officially get my carpenter diploma in September !
Also, still in September, I will announce something very special in line with this initial training.
For now, here are some pictures of J.B. Blunk‘s Residency.
He was a wood sculptor and the house and studio were designed and built by Blunk in 1959.
The Residency was a program founded and directed by Blunk’s daughter, Mariah Nielson Blunk from 2007 to 2011.
It used to promote and support grants for art projects.
A dozen of artists were in residence and contributed their work to a year-end exhibition.
She still curates and contributes in contemporary art and design exhibitions.
I’d love to participate in an art program like this one.
I have to learn again and improve myself and I hope I’ll be able to create my own designs in 3-4 years.

J.B. Blunk Residency_0J.B. Blunk Residency_1J.B. Blunk Residency_10


All pictures by Ashley Rose Helvey from ARH


Summer is here and have its new sounds.
I can’t stop listening Let it happen from Tame Impala (I know I’m late but I’ve just discovered it!)
And there’s also a French group I’m happy to know : Polo & Pan.
The lyrics are so cute and the music is perfect for summer.
Plage Isolée have 2 versions : Soleil Levant & Soleil Couchant.
Both are very nice, and as the aesthetic is important for me, I think the collaboration with illustrators Noemi Ferst & Benjamin Moreau from Radiooooo brings consistency to the beat !
I did researches about their work and I found a book they have done called “Ça s’est passé un dimanche”, but cannot find it anywhere…
I ♥ the drawings, I’d love have to buy it !


Polo & Pan

Ca s'est passé un dimanche

Festival Chopin in Bagatelle

Last evening, I went in Bagatelle Gardens in the suburbs of Paris.
I love this place, this is very peaceful, you can see cats, chickens & peacocks walking around…
I was there to listen to a classical music concert with my mother.
This festival happens every year and is dedicated to Chopin.
Xavier Phillips was the talented cellist and Igor Tchetuev was at the piano.
I can’t imagine how many hours and time you have to practise to achieve this level of excellence.
I guess when you’re passionate and determined to be one of the best, you don’t count hours.
That was a lovely night. I will come back next year.





Su Blackwell

Su Blackwell is an artist who studied mixed media textiles & sculpture at the Royal College of Art.
During a trip in South East Asia, she was introduced to paper folk art for spiritual ceremonies.
She finds out a link between the paper and spiritual rites.
When she came back, she started to make book sculptures with simple equipment : a cutting mat, a metal ruler, a Swann-Morton scalpel…
She doesn’t choose the books at random.
She first chooses tales that inspire her. Then comes the process of creation which ensues from the story.
She has been commissioned by prestigious brands or hotels to make some installations.
I ♥ the work she has done for Nicole Farhi‘s flagship store on Bond Street (I love this brand, especially their Bamboo Cashmere dresses).
Her sculptures are so tiny, fragile and delicate.
You’ll be able to discover her universe on her website or blog, and even buy some of her arts here.

Su Blackwell crown & liberty print creations

Su Blackwell crown & liberty print creations

'Wild Flowers', Design for Liberty Art Fabric

‘Wild Flowers’, Design for Liberty Art Fabric


'Betty in Cloudland'

‘Betty in Cloudland’


'The House in the Oak Tree'

‘The House in the Oak Tree’

Lisa Przystup

Lisa Przystup is a freelance writer and the florist behind James’s Daughter Flowers.
It’s not the first time I tell you about my sensitivity for flowers (here and here).
That’s the kind of job I would love to do in a few years.
I don’t want to do the same thing all my life. I get bored quite quickly. And I’m not afraid of change.
I embrace change !
I love Lisa’s style, very simple and casual.
You will find some articles about her in blogs or websites (Into the Gloss, Jean STORIES, was a muse for Odette…) sharing beauty advices and talking about her career.
-I also discovered she was the model for Dealtry scarves, which I ♥-
I love the fact that she has different creative activities and that she’s a self-taught ‘artist’, she learned looking at florists’ works and reading books.
She also assisted some florists where she completed her training.
I invite you to go on her Instagram where she puts beautiful pictures of her creations.
A new to follow…

Lisa Przystup for Odette

Lisa Przystup for Odette

waiting+for+saturday+-+lisa+przystupLisa Przystup _1Lisa Przystup _2Lisa Przystup _3


Pictures from Waiting for Saturdays.


I had such a great trip in Amsterdam.
The weather was perfect and I really needed to breathe and see beautiful things.
I love Dutch people, they’re so helpful and kind, I love their style, always well dressed but with a cool touch (snickers, leather jacket or beautiful scarves).
I think next time I’ll go there, I will take some street style pictures !
The first evening, we came to De Kas which is a lovely place with wonderful surroundings.

De Kas Restaurant-Laetitia Loviconi.
We tried the best kefte sandwiches, Broodje Bert and one the best burgers in Amsterdam, The Butcher.

Amsterdam by day_Laetitia Loviconi
We walked from beautiful bridges to beautiful places, taking time for a coffee or a good carrot cake.
They have an amazing choice of organic food in their ‘Marqt’.
Next time, I will rent a boat if the weather is good !

Amsterdam-Laetitia Loviconi cool places
Also, we stopped to have a drink at Café de Jaren and we went to the Wicked Jazz Festival.
I really didn’t want to leave…

Amsterdam Wicked Jazz Festival

Amsterdam by night_Laetitia Loviconi