New books

Books I have bought or friends offered me lately…
I have lot of lecture now !
And a movie to see !

Laetitia Loviconi

Homemade granola

Homemade Granola_5

I woke up yesterday wanting some granola but the ones in supermarkets are full of preservatives and artificial colorings.
That’s why I made mine, it’s super healthy and very easy to do..

You will need :
- 2 tbsp coconut oil
- 1 tbsp honey
- 1 tsp vanilla extract
- 300g rolled oats
- 50g almonds and various seeds (I also put pistachios)
- 100g dried cranberries
- 50g coconuts flakes
- 30g cane sugar
- 50g of water
You mix all the dry food, then add all the liquids.
I put it an hour and a half in the convection oven to 120°.

And this morning I added some chocolate pieces. It was perfect !

homemade granola


Starting the day with a good matcha tea


A little pause…

I like the evenings when, alone at home, I enjoy a glass of wine or……
a delicate pastry from Sadaharu Aoki !
Here is a puff pastry with Azuki paste, matcha & crunchy touches.
I think his pastries are my favourites : subtle tastes, unusual japanese ingredients, not too much sugar and also the design.
I think the graphic design is a driving-force in his creations.
Anyway, it counts for me. I was walking around Lafayette Gourmet department and I really hesitated between a Jean-Paul Hévin‘s pastry (I know he selects the best cocoa beans!) but I was more attracted by Aoki’s designs.
What make me think it may be one of the most interesting job in the world !
I remember that Loïc Cabrero told me that they work with someone to develop a visual identity for La Grande Epicerie’s pastries.

Sadaharu Aoki_1Sadaharu Aoki_2Sadaharu Aoki_3

Summer Readings

Some magazines I bought for this summer picnics and quiet moments in the grass.

Intramuros Le Corbusier Laetitia Loviconi


After two years of night and weekend courses, I passed my exams and I will officially get my carpenter diploma in September !
Also, still in September, I will announce something very special in line with this initial training.
For now, here are some pictures of J.B. Blunk‘s Residency.
He was a wood sculptor and the house and studio were designed and built by Blunk in 1959.
The Residency was a program founded and directed by Blunk’s daughter, Mariah Nielson Blunk from 2007 to 2011.
It used to promote and support grants for art projects.
A dozen of artists were in residence and contributed their work to a year-end exhibition.
She still curates and contributes in contemporary art and design exhibitions.
I’d love to participate in an art program like this one.
I have to learn again and improve myself and I hope I’ll be able to create my own designs in 3-4 years.

J.B. Blunk Residency_0J.B. Blunk Residency_1J.B. Blunk Residency_10


All pictures by Ashley Rose Helvey from ARH


Summer is here and have its new sounds.
I can’t stop listening Let it happen from Tame Impala (I know I’m late but I’ve just discovered it!)
And there’s also a French group I’m happy to know : Polo & Pan.
The lyrics are so cute and the music is perfect for summer.
Plage Isolée have 2 versions : Soleil Levant & Soleil Couchant.
Both are very nice, and as the aesthetic is important for me, I think the collaboration with illustrators Noemi Ferst & Benjamin Moreau from Radiooooo brings consistency to the beat !
I did researches about their work and I found a book they have done called “Ça s’est passé un dimanche”, but cannot find it anywhere…
I ♥ the drawings, I’d love have to buy it !


Polo & Pan

Ca s'est passé un dimanche