Quiet Sunday

After this sad days, I wanted to go outside and run to breathe and get some fresh air.
All the streets and parks were empty.

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Paris Tragedy

Hobbes .

What happened in Paris last night is a complete tragedy.
Why some people are so hateful ?
We just live once, so can’t we try to do our best to be better persons, do beautiful things, build happiness instead of destruction.
I’m thinking of the innocents who were killed on a Friday evening where they just wanted to spend a good moment at a concert or in a café or restaurant.
My thoughts are to them and their families…

Photo from Hobbes Restaurant’s hommage.


I love this song and I love this guy !
Jacques Auberger is the co-founder of the collective Pain Surprises.
He was born in Strasbourg and left his hometown to come to Paris and do the things he wanted to : making music, writing poems, making furnitures…
Please listen to his song Tout est magnifique and watch his speech at the TEDxAlsace Conference.
He’s not only a character, his words are totally in tune with my thoughts.
There are days I feel I’m good in nothing. Because what I would like to do is not a profession.
He found his solution so I should find mine…
I’ve stopped to confess what my dreams are because I’m bored to hear moralistic speeches about what we HAVE to do/what it is to be an adult.
I admire Jacques because he’s much younger than me and he already understood all that.
I also love the funny videoclip Eclipse de Jacque + Jacque = Jacques.
Keep going !!!.


David Hamilton

David Hamilton is a British photographer and film director born in 1933.
He’s famous for his clichés of young nude girls.
At the end of the sixties, his style is clearly and inevitably recognizable.
He also contributed to diffuse erotic stereotypes in the 1970s.
His work on landscapes is less known, even if it’s poetic and beautiful.
Now, he’s recognized as a leading role in the art contemporary photography.
His photos can seem scandalous as the models were very young but I think in the 1960s-1970s, it was normally considered as art.
He had a big influence in the fashion world. Some of his pictures have been copied so many times…

David Hamilton_1David Hamilton_9David Hamilton_2Jeisa Chiminazzo by David HamiltonDavid Hamilton_7David Hamilton_8David Hamilton_3David Hamilton_6

John Currin

John Currin is an American painter born in 1962.
You have probably seen some his paintings.
His female portraits and bodies are often deformed in a disturbing way.
You can guess influences from the Renaissance and pop culture (some of his big-breasted women reminds me Robert Crumb‘s work).
I’m attracted by his paintings even if I find them frightening at the same time.

John Currin The Cuddlerjohn-currin-1John Currin Thanksgivingjohn-currinJohn Currin Park City Grill


SuTurno… 2 years later

Two years ago, I wrote a post about Spanish Studio SuTurno.
I fell in love with their prints and lovely cushions.
I follow their work and I have to say that since the beginning, they pursue creating beautiful scarves and accessories.
I ordered 2 new cushions and as it was a 2013 collection so they only had one left…I was sad, then they found a last one !
They send me this last Espiga cushion…with a present for the misunderstanding !
I have no words but THANKS !
It is such a delicate attention, I really appreciate.
Keep doing beautiful things and I hope I’ll come to visit the studio one fine day !
Warm regards Julia & Javier !


suturno pocketsquare_1suturno pocketsquare_2suturno pocketsquare_3suturno Espiga cushions_1suturno Espiga cushions_2

More about Parker Posey

I couldn’t talk about Parker Posey & Irrational Man that is on theaters today without making a brief note on her 2015 Cannes’s look.
During the day, she wore what looks like vintage clothes and in the evening, she wore a fantastic golden dress by Electric Feathers.
Remember, I told you about this brand here.
Look at this bright champagne dress ! It’s soo beautiful !
As you can see, she wore Electric Feathers a few times this year and it’s perfect on her !

Parker PoseyParker Posey Electric Feathers_1

Parker Posey Electric Feathers_2Parker Posey Electric Feathers_5Parker Posey Electric Feathers_3